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Servicing and Testing

Constructed for all gauges from "N" gauge to gauge "1"

The Rolling roads are constructed with eight roller units, each consisting of four brass wheels spaced apart to suit the track gauge required, which are mounted on shafts held in place by the roller unit ends. The roller units then fit into track formed by aluminium channel, allowing the roller units to slide along its length giving infinite adjustment of the wheelbase between the minimum and maximum wheelbase dimensions.

The roller units as well as being designed to suit the particular gauge are also constructed to suit the particular scale of the model. The brass wheels and the length of the roller unit are proportional to the gauge. E.g. the diameter of the brass wheels and the length of the roller unit in 4mm scale are twice the diameter and length of a roller unit in 2mm scale. And likewise a roller unit in 7mm scale “O” gauge is 1-¾ times the diameter and length of the unit in 4mm scale.

The rolling road needs a conventional DC controller or a DCC controller to operate the loco or could be coupled to the track circuitry of your layout, by using the wires provided.